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Play as Heaven or Hell in this semi-turn-based action-strategy game!

Play Hill Riders Off-road for Free!

Hill Riders Off-road is out for Google Play. Exciting off-road races in the most extreme conditions!


Vector Graphics

Working with vector graphics using Adobe Flash (Animate CC) and Corel Draw programs. Creating pictures and animations of any possible resolutions!

3D Modelling

Blender is our choice for 3D modeling! We making low-poly and hi-poly models, textures and animations for game developing purposes.

Pixel Art

Pixel art is a great way to make your game look special! Aseprite is the program that allow us to make gorgeous pixel art and frame by frame animations!

And more!

We also making animation, video editing, special effects, programming, game design, sound and music design, - everything you need to make a video game!

Ruslan Mamedov
Designer & Programmer