Heaven vs Hell (Android)

Free mobile game for Android smartphones "Heaven vs Hell". Play as Heaven or Hell in this semi-turn-based action-strategy game

Hill Riders Off-Road (Android)

Free mobile game for Android smartphones "Hill Riders Off-road" is here to test your driving skills! In this game you will find yourself as a SUV driver, will participate in various Jeep-trial competitions, set and beat time records, conquer the steepest cliffs, and race at breakneck speed on the rally tracks!

Super Squad (Web)

Our planet is in danger! Mutants, zombies, robots! Make your own Super Squad who will manage to save our World! 8 heroes each one with it's own unique abilitie, 20 types of enemies and 3 furious boss fights!

Ninja Noku (Web)

Fast and wild platforming game with destructable surroundings and awesome sountrack! Find your way through mechanical chaos, kill robots, collect orbs and open secret rooms. Destruct wood and metal ostacles with your special Turbo move! Get your job done ninja! Run, jump, climp or fly, but find that Mr. Evil and save the world ASAP!

Pet Olympics (Android)

Play Pet olympics on Kizi! Train your pet and prepare him for the great tournament Pet olympics is totally free and requires no registration!

Beasts Battle (Steam)

Turn-based battles. In this game you have to create an army and defeat the enemies. Only a skilled strategist will be able to cope with this task. The game has 3 campaigns with unique plots, multiple spells, units, and skills. Good luck!

My Adventure Book 2 (Web)

It started when your parents were out of the house and you were so curious what's inside the attic. You went up to see what's there and saw a book. The book sucked you in and there it all begun! Your Adventure book!